National Security and International Affairs Medal Recipients

This award recognizes a federal employee for a significant contribution to the nation in activities related to national security and international affairs (including defense, military affairs, diplomacy, foreign assistance and trade). This medal is accompanied by a $3,000 monetary award.

Benjamin J. Tran and Sean C. Young—2014 Recipients

Positions: Electronics Engineers

Agency: Air Force Research Laboratory

Location: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Achievement: Saved U.S. soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan by creating and deploying a new aerial sensor system to help Army and Special Forces units detect and destroy deadly improvised explosive devices

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Hamid Jafari—2013 Recipient

Position: Medical Officer

Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Achievement: Directed the global initiative that eradicated polio in India and is leading the effort to eliminate this crippling and potentially fatal disease in the final three countries where it persists

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Charles Scoville—2012 Recipient

Position: Chief, Amputee Patient Care Service

Agency: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Achievement:Enables combat amputees to lead active lives and potentially return to duty, through an internationally recognized rehabilitation program that uses a novel sports medicine approach

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James Michael Duncan and Chilean Miners NASA Rescue Support Team—2011 Recipient

Position: Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Johnson Space Center

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Location: Houston, Texas

Achievement: Provided medical, nutritional, psychological, survival and engineering expertise learned from space exploration to help 33 Chilean miners who were trapped 2,300 feet underground for 69 days

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Teri Glass and the Army Medical Support Systems Team—2010 Recipient

Position: Acting Project Manager, Medical Support Systems Project Management Office

Agency: U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity

Location: Fort Detrick, Maryland

Achievement: Developed a state-of-the-art medical evacuation kit to provide life-saving treatment and emergency transportation to soldiers severely wounded by roadside bombs

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Amy Meyer—2009 Recipient

Position: Director, Office of Economic Growth, Pakistan Mission

Agency: U.S. Agency for International Development

Location: Pakistan

Achievement: Led USAID’s Economic Growth Office in Pakistan, helping to build the program from a two-person office to a $200 million initiative

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Mary Katherine Friedrich—2008 Recipient

Position: Special Advisor to the Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs

Agency: U.S. Department of State

Location: Washington, D.C.

Achievement: Leads the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, a major public/private effort to enhance the economic, social and political status of Afghan women

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National Security Medal Recipients

This medal recognizes a federal employee for a significant contribution to the nation in activities related to national security (including defense, military affairs, and intelligence) and is accompanied by a $3,000 award.

This medal was combined with the International Affairs category in 2008

Anh Duong—2007 Recipient

Position: Science Advisor, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information, Plans and Strategy

Agency: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division

Location: Washington, D.C.

Achievement: Designed the thermobaric bomb credited with helping win the war in Afghanistan and develops anti-terrorism technologies for the Pentagon

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Ron McNeal—2006 Recipient

Position: Joint Personnel Recovery Agency Representative to U.S. Central Command

Agency: U.S. Department of Defense

Location: MacDill Air Force Base, Florida

Achievement: Architect of the military's personnel recovery efforts that have successfully rescued more than 1,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Alan Estevez—2005 Recipient

Position: Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

Agency: U.S. Department of Defense

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Achievement: Implemented use of Radio Frequency Identification by the military, transforming military logistics for the 21st century

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Alfred League—2002 Recipient

Position: Division Chief, Imagery and Geospatial Sciences

Agency: National Imagery and Mapping Agency

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Achievement: His technological innovations provide American military personnel with real-time information they need to ensure operational success and protect our national security

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International Affairs Medal Recipients

This medal recognizes a federal employee for a significant contribution to the nation in activities related to international affairs (including diplomacy, foreign assistance, and trade) and is accompanied by a $3,000 award.

This medal was combined with the National Security category in 2008

Edward Messmer—2007 Recipient

Position: Special Assistant to the Ambassador

Agency: U.S. Department of State

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Achievement: Averted an impending health crisis during the 2006 Lebanon-Israeli armed conflict by helping to get fuel reserves into the country, which kept major power plants open

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Mark S. Ward—2006 Recipient

Position: Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator

Agency: U.S. Agency for International Development

Location: Washington, D.C.

Achievement: Led the U.S. recovery and reconstruction efforts after the Asia Tsunami and South Asia Earthquake

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Tobin Bradley—2005 Recipient

Position: Political Advisor for the Coalition Provisional Authority

Agency: U.S. Department of State

Location: Dhi Qar Province, Iraq

Achievement: Organized 15 local elections in southern Iraq and developed a voting system that the U.N. used as the basis for the January 2005 national elections

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Stephen E. Browning—2004 Recipient

Position: Director, Regional Programs

Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Pacific Division

Location: San Francisco, California

Achievement: Led U.S. efforts to help Iraqis rebuild their electrical infrastructure and acted as the Administrative head of multiple Iraqi ministries; also led Army Corps of Engineers’ recovery efforts at Ground Zero

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Riaz Awan—2003 Recipient

Position: Energy Attaché

Agency: U.S. Department of Energy

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Achievement: Riaz Awan has devoted his career to the swift, safe and secure permanent closure of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. He is helping coordinate the construction of a new concrete shelter over the destroyed reactor, and advises Ukrainian authorities to ensure that terrorists and rogue states cannot access nuclear materials

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The Service to America Medals are presented annually by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service to celebrate excellence in our federal civil service.

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